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Title: Project Rebirth
Fandom: Marvel, Avengers AU, X-men
Rated: PG
Notes: Fiona is not my character, just as a note >> She is someone else's OC and is wonderful.
Summary: They never wanted her.

"They never wanted you," came his soothing voice.

Fiona clenched her fingers and tried to push him away and yet his words touched on the darkest corners of her mind.

"Your own parents didn't want you. Why would Natasha Stark and Captain Rogers want to step in as your parents? They've refused to be so over and over again, didn't they? They could never understand. Never love you like they would a human child."

The man who called himself Magneto nodded at someone to the side and Fiona felt a memory surface.

"Goldilocks, can't you see I'm busy here?" Tasha snapped. "I'm not your mommy."

Fi's lip wibbled. "But it's my birthday! Don't you wanna have cake?" She went through a pane of glass and appeared before Tasha through her workdesk.

"Gah!" Tasha shoved Fi aside and threw her into a pile of unsharpened scrap metal. "I said get the hell out, blondie!"

"She never wanted to be your mommy. She hated and despised your powers. Poor thing knocked aside in favor of her machines. Though I suspect the Captain, while his intentions are good, never wanted to be your daddy either."

Fiona hunched in on herself as another memory surfaced.

"Your birthday? Fi, I'm sort of busy and in the middle of something." Fi felt her heart break as Cap gave his full focus to Fury before him, not even noticing she was there. Seh sniffled and ran off to find Freyr and Sara.

""Even Freyr and Sara won't come to you, they've been brainwashed by the masses. Tasha stole him. Cap stole Sara."

"I can't watch ponies today, Fi. Tasha has a new improvement that she and Bruce have been working on to make the images more clear in the visors." Freyr pushed her out of the way.

"Sara? Sara, Sara, Sara, let's go! It's my birthday! Let's get cake!" she shouted as she bounded into Sara's room. But Sara was flickering in and out, which meant someone asked her to jump into someone else's head. "Sara?" Then the heavy thump of a body on the bed. She poked and prodded her friend.

"They never wanted you. They could never understand you. Even those who are of our kind," Magneto insisted. Fiona looked up at him. "I understand you. I lost my mother too. I could easily give you a family, Fiona. Ones who will love you and understand you and would never push you aside for something as idle as machinery or work."

In her mind, the faces of those who had supposedly adopted her and brought her into their lives twisted up into scowls and glares, glowering at her for interrupting their lives.

"Will you join us?" he asked. "Join the Brotherhood? And we will rid the Earth of these...pathetic sapiens that have done nothing but hurt us." Magneto held his hand out to her.

Fiona reached out and hesitated.

"They can't love you. Like we love you. They can't understand you like we can. Nor can they nurture your wonderful gifts."

Fiona let the angered faces of her supposed "loved ones" and memories of them pushing her or brushing her aside. She let the anger and resentment toward them grow and took his hand. "I'm in."

Magneto smiled. "Then you will be reborn again. Not as Fiona for that is the name the humans gave you. You will be...Specula."

And that moment, Fiona stepped away from the human world and embraced the Brotherhood as Specula.


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