Feb. 4th, 2010 12:10 pm
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The sounds of a band filled the night air. Guitars, maracas, and a man singing a ballad in Spanish. Paper lanterns outlined the entire area where guests sat at various tables, chattering, enjoying their last meal before boarding their various planes tomorrow to return to the world of normal. Elderly folks spoke amongst themselves, newlyweds happily bent over a meal. Their attentions were enamored in each other but were temporarily distracted by a pair on the dance floor, illuminated by the moonlight and soft glow of the lanterns.

She was laughing. God to honest laughing with joy as her partner spun her on the dance floor. The white skirt flaring around her calves. The soft glow of lanterns only added to her beauty as she was pulled into his arms again. She was beautiful, no one would argue that. Her partner was handsome, easily caught the attention of many in the room. The white shirt he wore had a few buttons undone at the top and his khaki pants were worn. He was laughing as well as he pulled her close and they moved to the music. He leaned to whisper something in her ear. She pulled away, surprised, and laughed.

", Alex, we shouldn't--Ah!" she shrieked with laughter when he picked her up and made a bum rush to the crashing shore nearby. Sandals were cast aside as they made their way closer to the water, sand immediately sticking to their feet and clothes. He hefted her as if he was going to toss her into the ocean. She laughed and held on tight around his neck. The rest of the guests simply watched as the two frolicked.

Newlyweds, getting the idea, decided to slip off to their rooms. Elderly couples decided to retire. The party died down and the candles were burned low by the time the music stopped.

The frolicking couple retreated to his room. Sandals scattered on the floor. They shared a tender kiss. Green eyes met blue in silent question. She nodded. This was their last night together. He reached up and unzipped the back of her dress. Her hands reached for the buttons of his shirt. Clothes were brought away with sweet tenderness. His hands, calloused from undefined hard work that neither of them spoke of, smoothed over the soft skin of her arms. His eyes flickered over her bare form in almost awe and reverence. She placed sweet kisses on his heated skin. Blue eyes swept over the toned muscle in fascination and wonder. They met in a kiss again. Frantic, now. Heat flaring up in their bodies. Flesh met flesh and the air was filled with the symphonic sounds of gasps and moans.

When they finally floated back down to earth, he gathered her in his arms. She buried her face in his chest, still not ready to let go. He stroked through the brown strands, convinced they were spun of silk. The alarm had been preset. Their bags had been packed, change of clothes readily available for when they finally parted in the morning. When they would go their separate ways and home.

But for the night, they held each other close. For the night, they still had each other.


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