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Title: Jarvis
Fandom: Marvel, Avengers AU
Rated: G
Notes: Because my heart needed breaking
Summary: Natasha's memories of Jarvis. The butler. The man. The inspiration.

The baby fussed in her crib and Maria reached a few times before turning away. She didn't know, really, how to deal with her daughter and they have yet to hire a nanny or nursemaid. For the time being, she just fed the kid. But when the child didn't even need mother's milk, Maria couldn't understand why her daughter cried.

"Jarvis, please look after Natasha, I've got a headache. She's already been fed."

The gentleman picked up the wailing babe from Maria's arms and gently began to rock her. Howard had pulled in quite a few favors to get him this job. Farnsworth had definitely helped as well. He thought it would be easy, cleaning up after Howard's messes, keeping track of the home. But not babysitting. The child kept wailing until Jarvis began to rock her. Soon, her cries settled into coos.

"That's a good girl," Jarvis smiled. The tiny baby girl blinked up at him. "Oh you're so sweet, Miss Stark. You're never going to be alone, now are you?"

The babe cooed and reached out to him. Jarvis reached back with his fingers and wiggled them before her. She gave a small gurgle of laughter before settling down and falling asleep.


"Natasha, get your ass back here!"

Pattering little feet ran as fast as they could before hiding somewhere in the servants' quarters. Specifically Jarvis' room and in his closet, where it always smelled like old moth balls and sandalwood. She curled up and kept really still and quiet. There she stayed until she nearly fell asleep with one of Jarvis' super thick sweaters as a pillow. She only woke up with the sound of arguing and shouting coming from the hallway.

"Jarvis, that's the 5th damn nanny Natasha's scared off this month! I don't know what to do with that girl and I don't know how to get Maria off my back about her! I've got an expedition lined up and Maria's got some sort of wives weekend or something with the gals. Let's hope one of them would have a good nanny recommendation to look after her because I can't have her running into my lab all the time!"

"Very well, Mr. Stark. Shall I pack Miss Stark's things for Mrs. Stark's weekend?" asked Jarvis.

"No, she will stay here with you. Can't risk her causing havoc there and ruining things for Maria." Angry footsteps stomped away and the door to Jarvis' rooms opening, then closing.

There was a very heavy sigh and Natasha let out a sniffle. The doors opened and Jarvis stood there before picking her up and holding her close. He sat down on the bed and Natasha let loose the tears that she had been holding back. She held onto Jarvis and cried her heart out. Mommy didn't want her. Daddy didn't want her. All teh while, Jarvis held her and soothed her back.

"Come, now, Miss Stark, no tears." He took out a handkerchief and wiped at her cheeks and told her to blow her nose. "We'll still have loads of fun this weekend, you and I. It's not every day, a very special lady turns five. We'll go to the museums and art galleries and eat all the pizza in New York, what do you say?"

She clung to him, still sniffling.

"And I will make my famous ice cream cake just for the two of us. And we'll watch Johnny Quest and the Jetsons, eh? Come on." He stood up and hefted her up into his arms. "We'll have a smashing weekend, just the two of us!" He tickled her stomach until Natasha started laughing again.


"Jarvis!" He came, the perfect picture of calm as he always did. Natasha watched him with wide eyed panic. "Jarvis, you need to call the hospital! I'm bleeding! My tummy hurts! And you can't tell mommy and daddy!"

Jarvis, sweet patient man that he was, did no such thing. Instead, he disappeared and returned with a pamphlet and a small pink bag, setting both on her bed. "I will be going to the grocery store to stock up on heated water bottles as well as chocolate, Miss Stark. Will that be all?" he asked.

She crawled over and glanced at the pamphlet before turning red. "That will be all, Jarvis."

"Very well, miss. And I have those engineering textbooks you have requested. They are on your nightstand."

He turned and was almost gone when she said it: "Thank you, Jarvis."


She was babbling excitedly: M.I.T. The youngest student there! And finally, she was getting recognition from both Howard and Maria. Both were proud that she blew the competition out of the water and was as brilliant as she was.

"Jarvis, it's going to be so groovy! No parents! And I get to live in the dorms! Do you think the boys at M.I.T. will be cute?" she babbled. Natasha was grabbing bits and pieces and moving to throw them in her suitcase around what Jarvis was packing. "You're coming with, right? I can't do this without you." He stopped packing at that point and Natasha watched him carefully. "Jarvis?"

"Your father has requested that I stay here, Miss Stark. He would like for you to grow into your own independence," he replied gently. "And to not rely on servants so much," he added as a light tease.

Natasha stopped in her tracks and sat down on her bed heavily. "You're not coming?" she asked faintly.

"I'm afraid not, Miss Stark." He sat down next to her. "But you know that if you are ever overwhelmed, you could call upon me, Miss Stark. You are far more genius than any of those that are at M.I.T. right now. And I will be more than happy with you soaring there or being a normal girl."

She enveloped him into a bear hug. "Okay. For you, Jarvis."


The funeral service was beautiful, extravagant, exactly what it should've been. It was expected and all sorts of glitterati came out to pay their respects to Maria and Howard. Natasha remained silent and stoic throughout the entire service. At the end of the day, she let the entire staff go home.

It hurt. But not so much. She lost her parents, for Christ's sake.

The scent of something filled the air and she followed the sweet scent to the kitchens where good ol' Jarvis was standing with two bowls of ice cream out. He knew. Natasha picked at her ice cream bowl. "I thought you would enjoy a bit of Feel Better Ice Cream, Miss Stark."

She nodded, not saying much of anything.

"They loved you, Miss Stark. In their own ways." She looked at him then held him tightly as she let the grief finally come crashing through. Jarvis held her through it and kept up with the Feel Better Ice cream for the rest of the night. Finally, when she was starting to slowly pick at her soup, he cleared the bowls. "Will that be all, Miss Stark?"

"That will be all, Jarvis, thank you."


Then the horrible day happened.

Natasha shut herself away for a whole month before re-emerging to the public.


"Jarvis, you awake?"

She closed her eyes and held her breath.

"I'm here, ma'am." The voice was all wrong. But the mannerisms were close enough. She looked over at her desk, where she had a picture of her mother, her father, and of Jarvis.

Tears welled up in her eyes. This was her homage to him. "Good." She swallowed past her sorrow. "Let's get to work."
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