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Title: She made it
Fandom: Marvel, Avengers AU
Rated: G
Notes: A prompt off of plurk
Summary: Steph couldn't tell what made her more nervous, the fact that she was going on a date? One with a dame? Or was it that she was on one with the whirlwind that was known as Toni Stark?

It's enough to give anyone the jitters. "7pm, girl scout. Be ready." Steph barely had time to register it before Iron Woman was out of the Helicarrier and zooming off into the clouds. Could women even date each other now? In public? Hold hands? Kiss?

The last thought had her blushing. The blonde put away her suit and tried to brush out the gravel in her hair. She nodded politely at the SHIELD agents on her way out and took a long shower to wash away the dirt and grime and contemplate what it meant to be out on a date. It'd been so long and she didn't even make it to the adventure she and Peggy had planned.

So when Toni came on the dot to pick her up, Steph was a nervous bundle constantly jittering to the beat of her own racing heart. Even when they checked in and put their coats up. She kept glancing around. This was a swanky ballroom. Yet...there was something off. were dancing with other men. Women were openly flirting and with each other. Toni herself was in a gorgeous gown with a plunging neckline that showed off the arc reactor and her...other assets.

The billionaire offered her arm to Steph. "Welcome to the charity ball to raise money to help the LGBT community. It's a little thing Pepper has me throw every year. Somewhere they can dress up, look nice, and be with who they want to be with," Toni explained like a comforting buzz in Steph's ear. She only let go to whirl on the dance floor before offering her hand out to Steph. "Dance with me?"

Steph looked around hesitantly then took one step. Then another. and another until she was in Toni's arms and they were gently swaying to the music. "This is..."

"Shh, it's okay. It's okay to be yourself here," Toni reassured, pulling her closer. Steph's attention was on the shorter woman and she flushed. "You're beautiful, Rogers. Not just when kicking ass."

She lost track of how long they had been dancing. An hour? Two? Eventually, she laid her head on Toni's shoulder. She finally made it to a date.
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