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Title: Taller than the Tallest Tree is
Fandom: Marvel, Avengers AU
Rated: G
Notes: Title from All the Way by Frank Sinatra
Summary: That's how it's got to feel. And Bucky felt like the tallest tree in the world.

"Come on, Bucky, I don't know how to dance and this is going to just look ridiculous!" Steph protested and crossed her arms in a huff. She pulled away from him. "It's a bad idea. Just go with the dames you normally go with! Whatever happened to Judith? Or Martha?"

He waved it off. "Steph, I'm not gonna leave you to sit along the wall and let some jerk try to come and step on your toes and have you step on his toes and need to pull you out of another fight. Some come on." He jogged over to their radio and turn it up before coming back and taking her in his arms.

In truth, Maggie and Judith weren't too interesting anymore. Not to him. Especially when they tried to trash talk Steph and how he looks after her. He took those frail hands in his and began to dance again. She sighed and followed along, swaying and turning, stumbling a little this time.

"Spin out." And she spun out. When she spun back in, the music ended and she was looking up at him with those blue eyes. When did Steph's eyes get so...he cupped her cheek. "You did good."

"Yeah?" she asked. There was the tiniest bit of a smile. "You're the only one that seems to have the patience, Bucky." Silence hung between them and Steph looked nervous. Right as he was about to ask what was wrong, she surged up on her tiptoes and kissed him.

Arm around her waist, he held her there as he kissed back. Soft. Just so he wouldn't hurt her. When she finally pulled away, she rested her forehead against his and smiled hesitantly. And Bucky felt taller than the Empire State Building. He smiled back and began to sway them to the next song that began to play over the radio.
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