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Title: The Capsule
Fandom: MCU
Rated: G.
Notes: AU.
Summary: Steve makes it to the bunker. The ghost that shows up isn't what he thinks it is.
WARNINGS: Mentions of character death.

They sent him in first and he explored the bunker, about to call for an all clear. Steve smiled a little bit as he walked around the entire set up. It was practically a twin to the lab that he received the serum in. Just dustier. He supposed anything would be after seventy or so years. The lights hummed loudly overhead, partially working after all these years. Even the capsule.

So this was what Fury was so interested in from the photo. Everything was the same. Steve looked around for the release button for the capsule. Whatever was had to be important. His gloved hand brushed over the dust, trying to move it without disturbing any of the other instruments. Finally, he found the lever that released the capsule.

A creak and soft hiss. There were people shouting in his earpiece, asking what was going on. "All clear, I found the release for the cap--" His voice died on his lips.

It took a bit but the hinges creaked and unlocked with a clank. A figure fell out of its tomb and steve rushed forward to catch whatever it was that fell out. Soft blonde hair that hung in curls down to her shoulders. He blushed. A dame. Definitely a dame. Dressed in what looked like a hospital gown that was far too short on her. Shapely gams, well developed. But in no way warm like a normal human body. He quickly lowered them to the floor and turned her over.

Steve nearly dropped her in shock. Luckily, SHIELD agents swarmed the area and began their dissection of the place. A medic came in and waved some kind of doohickey over her. The familiar lips, the face, down to the very light dusting of freckles. The last time he saw that face, she was climbing into a black, nondescript car to help out the war effort in her own way. "Captain, do you know who she is?" asked one of the field agents. But Steve couldn't find his voice.

"Oh my God," the medic breathed. "She's alive."

"Found a few files, sir." Another one jogged over, stack of files in hand. "S. Rogers. Any relation?"

"Yeah," Steve croaked. "My sister."
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