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Title: The Mission
Fandom: MCU
Rated: G.
Notes: AU.
Summary: Fury calls Steve into his office for a particularly difficult mission that requires his expertise.
WARNINGS: Mentions of character death.

"Better than meeting you in the gym, sir," Steve noted as he walked into Fury's office. It was dark, forboding. He was actually more comfortable meeting Fury either at the Helicarrier's deck or the gym. "What is it you needed me for? Thought we were sent off to the four winds after the Loki thing. Did he find his way back here again?"

Fury himself was set behind a desk with his fingers tented and his one eye on him. "There's a bunker hidden upstate that we believe was sealed away circa 1943. Something that we think you would be an expert in."

That got his attention. "SSR stuff?"

"Not exactly. Have a seat." He slid the briefing packet over to the super soldier. "Before Erskine and Stark got together for the super soldier program, they had to be sure Erskine's formula would work and Howard's math was right. This was done the same time as the SSR but they didn't incorporate it in their notes. Not in ones we have access to, at least."

Steve's brows furrowed as he looked over the files. The set up looked so much like the lab that he had been in when they gave him the serum. But fuzzier. "Were these taken with knowledge of the camera being there?"

"A spy tried to break in and copy the lab. Not really something that worked out since whoever it was was quickly taken care of. What we're interested and what we think you could help us with is this." He reached over and pulled out another blurry looking photo. This time, of a capsule that looked more like a coffin than anything. "The notes and everything involved with this project are all in that bunker. We need you to help get our agents in and retrieve whatever it is that this thing is hiding. You think you're up to it?"

"What about Stark?"

"Stark's busy with his own things."

"Barton? Romanov?"

"On their own missions. This requires your specific attention," Fury insisted. "You're the one with insider knowledge of what went on inside that lab that day and the only person that is alive to remember it."

Steve looked at the picture, then up at Fury. He wasn't doing much anyway, exploring this new New York, adjusting to the times. He slid the folder back over to Fury. "I'll do it."
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