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Title: Five Times That Could've Been +1 reality
Fandom: MCU
Rated: G.
Notes: Written for the fuckyeahlokisteve exchange on tumblr. Genderbent!Steve!
Summary: What could've happened had the Norns changed their fates?
WARNINGS: Character death.

King Odin had brought his sons to the House of Scield. They were there to negotiate for the hand of Princess Stephanie. Loki already knew that his brother had been enamored by the fair scholar that had studied by the woods and watched the stars. So this may prove to be fruitless. Upon entering the great hall, he was expecting someone someone shallow, perhaps even a fun reflection of Thor.

Nicholas greeted them. Members of the court were strewn about and Loki almsot felt bored enough to cause the drapes to turn into great snakes. When the doors opened again and Princess Stephanie was announced, Thor stood straight and Loki stood silent as always.

When he saw her though, he wondered if Nicholas had left out a note that the princess had studied magic as well. She was enchanting. Face sun-pink from being out so much and hair quickly, neatly pinned for courtly duties. When she approached them, Thor was not so besotted. Loki looked. No one else seemed to be taken by her.


"Be careful," she whispered against his lips. "Those Nazi boys would love to get a hold of you and make the worst of it. And take care of Bucky, he'll trip his sorry ass into enemy foxholes without so much of a thought."

The man in question snorted. "More like Loki here is gonna get amnesia again and end up in a burlesque bar."

Blue eyes were on hers though. Loki beamed and kissed his gumption-addled wife. "I'll come back, promise. Bucky will need to find his own way to return home."

Then came Bucky's missing in action letter. She was his listed next of kin after all. Stephanie held her breath for Loki's, no, she couldn't think like that. So she saved scrap metal, did her share, grew her victory garden. She was hanging the laundry when someone approached the other side of the sheet and took it down. Loki stood there, worn but smiling.

She threw herself at him and kissed him, tears streaming down her face and he held her tightly. "I tried," he whispered. "I tried to save him. I tried to keep him from--" Stephanie shushed him and brought him down to their bedroom to welcome him home.

Months later, she looked pale. Too pale. Loki kissed his wife's forehead and held her hand tightly. "No, come on, darling, stay awake, stay awake, Stephanie." There was so much blood. On the floor, on the table. It was all her blood and she was fading fast.

"I love you," she whispered, smiling a little. "Take care of our kid, okay?"

Loki visited his wife's grave every day and brought fresh sunflowers for her. She always loved sunflowers.


"You're nuts! Tony, why would you book a heavy metal band from Norway as an opening act for me?" she shouted. Stephanie put her head in her hands. "This is going to be a disaster. The fans will walk out before we even get through the first set."

"Just give it a chance, Rogers, you might actually like it. There's people that combine rock music and classical music together now too. So swing and rock could work," her manager explained.

"Tony, this isn't rock. This is..." She looked across the rehearsal hall at the band setting up. a Brother combination that seemed ready to destroy itself every other minute. "This is death metal. I mean look at their faces," she hissed. White paint with runic markings. "They think they're representations of gods or something! That's just--"

"Miss Rogers, why don't you come up here and we'll see if we can work something out?" called out a silken voice.

The skinnier of the two had a malicious grin on his face and Stephanie was ready to accept that challenge. She walked up to the stage with all the dignity she could muster and glared at him before taking the microphone. The band fired up 'Hey Pachuko' and she began to belt out note after note.

Though her singing didn't break, she was surprised when she heard the strains of a distorted guitar join in...strange harmony of the band's music. She looked over to Loki who was playing right along with the band. When rehearsals were over, he took her hand and kissed the back of it, still grinning. "Pleasure making beautiful, sweet music with you."

Later, that night (and every night on this tour), she found fresh bouquets of sunflowers on her dressing room table. Let's make beautiful music together.


They needed each other. No names, no identities, nothing but hands, lips, teeth, and pleasure. She needed it, she was mourning. He needed it, he was in pain. And yet they grasped each other. in this moment, they could shed all of it to become this. Just them.

So when the morning dawns, they could leave and part as strangers. Yet when Stephanie awoke, she found a tray of breakfast and a single sunflower on it. The dark haired man from last night gave a small smile. "I thought breakfast would be fitting before we parted ways," he offered. So they ate in silence, kissed more, and left.


"Who is that?" he asked.

"Stephanie Rogers, a secretary to Colonel Phillips in World War II," explained the curator. Loki looked over to see that his badge read "Phil." He had taken to visiting the museums while in for his symposium on Nordic Mythology and walked through the Women of War exhibit. This...Stephanie Rogers. Her portrait smiled at him from another time and place. There was something almost heartbreaking about this particular woman.

"What'd she die of?"

"Ambush. There were no survivors," came Phils answer. He was staring at the portrait too. Stephanie was not a glamorous woman, nothing of real note. And yet there was something in her eyes and smile that seized Loki. And from what she could see...held Phil's heart as well.

+1 reality
It took years for Loki to repent, to gain her trust, to let go of his dream for ruling. For him to feel love and affection for someone. And of course, it wasn't just for anyone. It was for Captain America herself. He courted her. He smiled at their wedding. And now...

Their daughter was out protecting the Earth as the Valkyrie alongside her mother and her father.

Date: 2012-10-08 01:38 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Y-you... *pulls you in a hug and weeps*
I love you so much!!!!

Thank you so much for writing the two prompts for the exchange, and I mean you even did an extra Fem!Steve/Male!Loki set even though the prompt didn't say you had to. Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!!

Date: 2012-10-08 03:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
:D I am personally a fan of fem!Steve/male!Loki so I was glad to! I made so many happy noises when I got that as my prompt! Also, I wanted to do the college AU thing but got only to 200 words before the deadline rolled around and people kidnapped me for socializing @_@

Date: 2012-10-08 02:19 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yay! Another Genderswap Shipper! XD
I'm so glad that you had fun with this, it makes me all the more happy~ And awww it's okay, I love the ones I got, but I'll keep a look out if you ever feel like finishing it anyway. XD


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