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Title: In Plain Sight
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Rated: G.
Summary: John notices something.

They never really had pictures in the flat. When John had a moment to breathe, he noticed it. He didn't have any personal effects that he wanted to bring and Sherlock certainly didn't have personal effects. Except...

Those lingering glances at Mrs. Hudson. Of all people, John noticed the care that came as an underlying tone for Mrs. Hudson. The concern of her safety. What goes on in Sherlock's mind when he saw the landlady? John wondered. there were quite a few possibilities. Perhaps he was...attracted to older women?

"Never mind, dear, I can get up these old steps myself." John picked up the fallen groceries as Sherlock helped her up the stairs. Something about helping Mrs. Hudson. No, it wasn't a sort of schoolboy crush.

Mycroft mentioned how Christmas dinners were awkward. And how mummy would be upset. Sherlock didn't seem too concerned. John set the groceries down on a chair in the kitchen as he watched Mrs. Hudson bustle about with Sherlock nearby. "A cuppa," the consulting detective announced. "And biscuits, Mrs. Hudson! It's a long night ahead!" And with that, the thin man swept out of the room.

"I'm not your housekeeper, dear!" she reminded him as always. John smiled to himself. She always said so but she never truly complained about helping them with the necessities.

Then he saw that look.

Sherlock was out of Mrs. Hudson's sight but John could still see him through the crack in the door. It was a look he'd seen before when he had left for Afghanistan and his fellow soldiers were leaving children behind. Sadness. The old woman hummed softly as she bustled about. Similar muscular and bone structure, colouring was off but still similar if he looked hard enough. The pieces clicked into place for John as he stared at Mrs. Hudson, then back at Sherlock.


Not their housekeeper.

John barely kept his jaw off the floor when he realised the truth.

Mrs. Hudson was not just their landlady.

Mrs. Hudson was Sherlock's mother.


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