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Title: Sword and Scythe
Fandom: BBC Merlin/RPF and Sailor Moon
Summary: Bradley is a knight of the White Moon. Colin is a diplomat of Saturn. Saturnites are not particularly welcomed.

He was one of Queen Serenity's top knights. A worthy and wise soldier that kept his ground in battle and court. He was shrewd and thought of the people before himself. His skill was unmatched by any other. And like any other denizen of the Moon Kingdom, he just had a certain warm bright glow about him. He was also quite friendly and well liked among the castle servants and nobles. Always willing to take a shift on guard if someone's mother was sick or if they had a hot date that night. Yes, Sir Bradley was quite popular with all with his easy going manner and toothy grins and always willing to help out a friend.

Which explained why he was standing guard when the convoy from Saturn arrived. They had chosen to arrive in the dead of night with their violet cloaks wrapped austerely around their shoulders. Bradley had gotten a chance to see the King of Saturn, the Princess, and a diplomat of some sort. He was curious since the diplomat didn't say much nor did he look much like the King or Princess. True, he had dark hair and was thin and pale like the rest of the Saturnites. But he had the bluest, most beautiful eyes Bradley had ever seen. And he had seen visitors from Venus. They moved silently and he had heard talk that Saturn was the planet of destruction. Their powers were all meant to destroy things in the most horrible ways possible. Why were they here, then?

There was a sound of an object falling in the empty hallway and Bradley bent to pick it up. A book. On mythology. Huh. The blond knocked on the door of the diplomat's chambers. He appeared silently and gave Bradley a blank look. "Um, you've dropped this." He held out the novel with a smile. The diplomat doesn't say a word and takes the novel out of his hands. "You're welcome," he told the white door that closed in his face.

Well. That was certainly cold of them. Bradley went about his business then. His own rooms were made of the same white marble as the rest of the palace with windows that faced the gardens. He rather liked facing the gardens. Because beyond the gardens, he could almost see to the furthest reaches of the White Moon Kingdom. When he was but a young squire, he and his friends would sit outside of the stables and wonder what lay so far beyond their own reaches. His friends were also knights now, happily courting the court ladies of the moon and other planets. They did wonder why their cohort never seemed to interested in chasing after cloak and skirt like they were. The blond simply laughed them off and preferred to wait for his true love.

The princess had called him romantic. At one point, he was sure she had a crush on him. That was...until she saw Prince Endymion. Bradley personally didn't feel right betraying his queen by letting the princess sneak off. He wasn't happy about it at all. When he shared the information in confidence with the queen, the silver haired woman commended him on his job and smiled softly. Thus was the wisdom of Queen Serenity. He just had the feeling that all would be well.

He had just returned from training when he saw the diplomat in the gardens reading under the shade of a nearby tree. The blond grinned and made his way over. "Sorry we didn't get introduced the other night. I'm Sir Bradley of the White Moon. And you are?"

Those piercing blue eyes met his and Bradley felt his heart skip a beat. Maybe two. But the stranger's face remained impassive. "Sir Colin of the Castle Charon of Saturn."

Bradley held out his arm. "Pleased to meet you."

Colin didn't take it. Just gave him an odd look before returning to his reading. The blond was confused on such an offstandish manner and just sat right down next to Colin and began to talk about training, nudging him at all the right places. Bradley kept scooting closer and pointed out the different aspects of the gardens until finally, Colin asked him, "Why are you talking to me?"

That stopped him in his tracks and Bradley was genuinely confused. "Um...what?"

"The denizens of the White Moon. They seem to not wish to talk to us outside of official functions." Colin was eying him suspiciously.

Bradley gave a shrug. "The Queen wishes for the knights of the planets to get along better, doesn't she? And you seem nice. Thought I would sit down with you and have a bit of a chat since you would be here a while." He gave a smile before hopping up. "I'll see you later, then. Bye, Sir Colin!" And with that, he bounded away, only sneaking a glance back when he was sure Sir Colin wouldn't see him. The skinny man was definitely surprised but Bradley could see the small smile tugging at the other man's lips.


Bradley saw him the next day. And the next day. And the next day. Every day, really. Still in the garden, still reading his book. The blond sat himself down next to Colin and began to talk about his da. Then the ins and outs of the castle so that Colin wouldn't get too mixed up. The thin man didn't seem the sort to get mixed up. He attended the councils like Bradley did, listened in on them intently. Bradley found himself just drawn in by Colin's mysterious nature. The servants seemed enamored by him. 'Oh he's so sweet. Oh he's so kind. But he's rather cold.'

Soon enough, the book disappeared and Colin just listened to whatever Bradley had to prattle on and on and on about. It was nice, having a friend like Colin. To just unwind after a long day. It they began to meet more than just in the garden. They also met along the corridors, the chambers, the city proper, all over the place. Eventually, Colin started to smile more and more and more. Something in Bradley made him want to make Colin smile more. He nearly found himself just bounding down toward wherever Colin was, immediately drawing him aside whenever he saw him to go over a funny joke he heard, or saving a bit of dessert so that Colin could have some as well.

One day, as they were sitting outside eating lunch and discussing the politics of asteroids becoming involved in the White Moon Kingdom, Bradley felt Colin's pinky brush against his. No, surely, he was imagining it. Then Colin's pinky was deliberately placed over his. Bradley smiled to himself. Their fingers and hands inched more and more toward each other until they were holding hands comfortably as they sat on the bench.

A comfortable silence passed between them. "D'you--"

"It makes no difference here if you love a man or a woman," Bradley interrupted. "So...if..."

Colin smiled and Bradley grinned back, happy that he found his answer. At the end of the day, when they were both relaxing in Bradley's rooms, just lying side by side and watching the sky light up for the night with the fireworks from the celebrations the Moon Kingdom was known for, Colin laced their fingers together. "I think I'm going to like it here," he whispered quietly. "You're nothin' like the other White Moon Knights."


"Why is it that I never see you at training anymore?" Colin had asked one day.

"Hm?" They were laying in the glen with Bradley's head comfortably in Colin's lap, content as a cat that he got Colin to run his fingers through the fine, blond hair.

"You can't be spending all of your time with me. People might start to talk," he murmured. Bradley enjoyed the lilt in his voice, humming happily instead of really listening to Colin. "They already do. You sure it's a good idea to be involved with someone from the planet of Ruin? We've great powers, Bradley...great and terrifying..."

Bradley opened one eye to look at him then laughed so hard that his sides hurt. He raised one pale hand to his lips and kissed his knuckles. "But you're not usin' your powers right now, are you?" he asked, with a silly smile. "And you dont' need to see me in action. I'm automatically great."

Colin snorted and he smiled, happy to going back to being content as a cat laying in the sunlight. The counsels with the knights had been stressful. There was a great and terrifying power growing on earth. A movement by a rogue sun demon had gained momentum on Earth. But that, Bradley had said, was for the counsel chambers. Not here. Not when they had the two of them here.

He felt Colin's entire body go rigid at the same moment as his own. He slowly opened his eyes, staring up at Colin, who had looked at their surroundings, eyes sharp as a hawk. The growl had alerted them to the demon. It charged quickly at Colin and the knight lept into action, immediately drawing his sword and fighting against it.

"Bradley, no!"


Everything hurt. And there were voices all around him. Talking about things like 'He'd never recover' or 'I have never seen damage like this.' Bradley's hand twitched and immediately, cool, slim fingers laced along with his. "Bradley," came the broken whisper. He felt Colin's nose along his cheek. "Bradley, I'm so sorry. This is my fault," came the shuddering voice again.

When he opened his eyes, the dark mop of hair was the first thing he saw. Colin lifted his head as if drawn by a sixth sense and kissed Bradley softly. "You're all right," were Bradley's first words.

Colin gave a pained chuckle. "I am...mostly."


"They found us in the field. There were so many. And they were overpowering you, I couldn't--" Colin closed his beautiful eyes and took in a deep breath before continuing in a small voice. "I couldn't let them hurt you."

Before Bradley could ask what was going on, the Queen entered. "Bradley, how are you feeling?" she asked.

"I've had better days, your majesty," he tried to joke. The somber expressions on everyone's faces had him worried. "What's going on?"

"It was a deliberate attack on Sir Colin's life. From the growing threat upon earth. However...his powers destroyed not only stopped the monster that attacked you both but destroyed it. Completely." She sat on the bed and touched his shoulder gently. That was the thing about Queen Serenity, always the gentle strong Queen. "We felt it would be best if Colin were to return to the Outer Rim."

"No!" Bradley protested. He immediately held onto Colin, despite the angry protests of his still healing body. "No, he could stay. I mean. He could control his powers, can't he?" he pleaded desperately. "Please, let him stay?"

The Queen got up and left. Bradley knew it was useless to fight for Colin, what with the movement on Earth growing stronger and stronger. The Queen had a lot to bear on her shoulders. The princess had been sneaking off more and more. Her majesty granted these precious few moments with Colin to stay goodbye.

"I'll appeal to the court, have them let you stay for some silly reason or another, I'll--"

"Bradley," Colin whispered. The thin man whose ears stuck out of his dark hair and beautiful eyes captured Bradley's attention from day one looked at him, as if desperate not to cry. "Bradley, you've given me so much. I don't want to cause much trouble for the entire moon kingdom." He gave a small smile and leaned to kiss Bradley.

No, this couldn't be happening. Bradley held him close, pulling Colin onto the bed, pushing his violet cloak away. "Let me hold you, then." Colin...Colin had become so precious to him so quickly that Bradley didn't want to lose him. "...I could take position on Saturn. At Castle Charon with you."

Colin laughed in his arms and Bradley kissed the top of his head. He couldn't be bothered with titles or protocol at the moment. So he didn't notice when Prince Endymion ran past one of the windows, apparently dodging guards. Just another Moon Kingdom party. Something they were famous for.

Colin fell asleep in his arms and Bradley brushed another kiss to his temple, whispering, "I love you." He, too, fell into slumber.

And when the world ended, Colin was safely tucked in Bradley's arms.


"Colin, this is Bradley James, he'll be reading the part of Arthur. Bradley, this is Colin Morgan. He'll be reading the part of Merlin."

When he shook his hand, images of far away castles and cloaks and fireworks came to his mind and Colin had to keep himself from kissing the blond before him. The same goofy grin, the same body, practically. "Pleasure to meet you, mate."

"Nice to meet you too."

Date: 2011-10-11 07:07 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Omg Sailor Moon and Merlin! Although I can't remember much of the details about the Sailor Moon fandom but lol at Bradley's charms not working on Colin. Looking forward for more!

Date: 2011-10-11 04:06 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
LOL it's a work in progress but thanks for reading :D

Date: 2011-10-13 12:20 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
That was adorable. I have no idea if it's Sailor Moon but it was just so cute.

Date: 2011-12-12 11:37 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Really good start! I can't wait for more :)

Date: 2012-01-07 09:20 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
That was great! ^_^ And an interesting mix with the Sailor Moon fandom. Will there be more? I wonder about Bradley's relation with some of the other girls from Sailor Moon and what about his own knights? Any way, great job!


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