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Title: Fealty
Fandom: Merlin
Rated: R
Notes: written for this prompt at [livejournal.com profile] kinkme_merlin.
Summary: A new knight of Ealdor is knighted.
WARNINGS: Implied smut.

The old man could prattle on and on and on. But Arthur, about to be newly minted knight of Ealdor, stayed on bended knee, blue cloak around his shoulders and dragon emblem sewn upon it. His head was bowed respectively as the ceremony continued. All of Ealdor seemed to turn up for this event. The castle itself was small. Hardly a castle. Maybe more of a small fort. The kingdom was small, barely a fingerprint on Albion's map. But Arthur fought, stayed, did deeds in Ealdor, for Ealdor.

For two reasons: He wished to see justice in the world. And becoming a knight would be a good idea of going about doing that.


"I promise on my faith," Arthur began his oath, his voice loud and clear in the small hall. He looked up at the man he was swearing his fealty, loyalty of life and limb to. Clear blue eyes stared back at him from under a mop of dark hair. Arthur kept his voice steady as he recalled furtive kissing in hidden alcoves...

"That I, Arthur Pendragon," Hands reaching everywhere and a soft voice panting in his ear, 'Arthur, Arthur.' His prince's thicker robes were a godsend on those days. 'Yes, yes, PLEASE!'

"will in the now and future be faithful to my lord," he continued, keeping his gaze locked onto his prince's. Holding and caressing the pale skin under his hands as the moon rises in the sky. The dark head tucked firmly under his chin as his prince listened to his steady heartbeat.

"Never cause him harm." Ever since he had saved the princeling from a not so magical threat in the woods, he had sworn his loyalty in Ealdor and its message of equality. Ever since that cave he and the princeling stayed at while the storm raged outside, he had already felt his heart slipping away from his grasp and into the hands of the gawky, strange eared man.

"And will observe my homage to him completely," Even as Arthur dressed to slip away before the first few fingers of morning appeared on the horizon, his lover held onto him, kissed his face and neck, told him that the ceremony was nothing to be nervous about. That Balinor wouldn't suddenly change his mind and chop Arthur's head off.

"Against all persons in good faith and without deceit." All eyes were on him. But his eyes never wavered from Prince Merlin that stood before him. He knew. The words meant so much more than his obvious love for Ealdor and fealty to his kingdom. Merlin held out his left hand towards Arthur, sword in his right. He reached and touched his prince's hand, brushing his lips across the dragon signet upon his finger then waited for the cool tap of the sword on his shoulder.

Merlin's voice rang out clear. "Arise, Sir Arthur Pendragon, Knight of Ealdor."
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