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Title: Always
Rated: NC-17
Fandom: BBC's Merlin, Avalon High (movie)
Summary: Written for [ profile] kinkme_merlin with this prompt: Gwaine/Merlin. Hot and heavy against the wall. there's a bit of a twist at the end that makes it sort of a crossover?

He moaned as Gwaine's hands quickly moved under his robes, fingers clenching around his staff as the knight plundered his mouth. Merlin's eyes fluttered shut as he reached and grabbed, pulling Gwaine close and closer to him. "Missed me?"

"Thought patrol would go on forever." he growled as he pushed Merlin against the wall of the alcove. "Is your hand glued to the staff now? You wouldn't even let it go if--?"

"Extension," Merlin gasped. "Extension of myself!" Gwaine had managed to slip a hand inside his breeches and gripped onto his hard flesh. Merlin all but nearly hit his head against the wall. The rough feel of callouses against his sensitive skin had him already hard and leaking. His fingers flexed on the staff more, gripping on tightly. He could feel Gwaine's harsh breathing and hardness press into his hip. "Need you." he whined. "Should talk to Arth--ah! Arthur to see if you could not go on patrols so much!" Merlin bit down on his lip, trying to muffle himself and pried his eyes open to look at the knight.

Gwaine pulled back a little bit and Merlin could see that his face was flushed underneath that tan and the hunger in his eyes was difficult to miss. Gwaine licked at his hand and slowly untied his breeches, sliding the leather over his hips and down his legs before holding onto his own hardness and giving it a few slow, long pulls. Merlin stared openly, feeling himself licking his lips. He felt the magic rise and bubble within him. Their breeches disappeared and reappeared, neatly folded on the floor next to them.

Merlin clutched at the staff and moaned when Gwaine pushed him against the wall again. "Need you," he groaned. "Gwaine."

"You just had to ask, Merlin." the knight grinned as he lifted Merlin's legs and wrapped them around his waist. His fingers dipping into the cleft of his ass. Merlin kissed him deeply, nearly grinning at Gwaine's moan. "What'd you learn that?" he grunted as he slipped a finger into Merlin easily, thanks to his hole already being slick. "Never mind, I don't need to know."

Merlin's breathing became harsh when one finger became two. And two fingers nudged at that place within him that made him bite down on his lip harder to keep quiet. He nibbled on Gwaine's ear. "Now, now. Take me now, Gwaine." he panted. "Please. I need you." He groaned quietly when he felt Gwaine's cock nudge at his entrance and slowly sink into his body. Merlin's clutch on the staff helped them keep themselves upright, not putting his whole weight against Gwaine.

His knight groaned and began to move slowly and deeply within him. Merlin closed his eyes and breathed harshly, peppering kisses all over Gwaine's face and lips. "Love you." Gwaine was mumbling. "I love you, Merlin. Always you. No matter what." he groaned.

"Love--love--oh! Love you too," Merlin gasped. "Gwaine! So close. So close." His legs wrapped around Gwaine's hips tighter. Once again, he felt Gwaine's rough hand stripping him, his grip tight and sure. "Ah! Ah! Gwaine!" he moaned quietly, trying to bite down on his lip so they wouldn't make so much noise. His body began to shudder as the tremors of his orgasm rocked through his body.

Gwaine moved faster, deeper, harder and buried his face against Merlin's shoulder, his scruffy beard deliciously scratching against his skin. "Merlin." he grunted. "Merlin!" Gwaine pushed him tight against the wall and released his seed deep within.

And then he gave a rare smile. A genuine one that only Merlin got to see. Merlin smiled back and kissed him deeply, something he could feel all he way down to his toes. "Always." he promised.

"Always." Gwaine swore.

Miles was barely aware when he came back to himself. He stared up at the ceiling. No not a vaulted ceiling but the fluorescent lights of...the hallways of Avalon High. Faintly, he was aware that he was being surrounded by everyone and Allie was calling his name. "Miles?! Miles! Are you ok?"

"You really need to get on that breath mint thing." he quipped as he slowly sat up. He looked around, really hoping he wasn't feeling the effects of the strange vision of the past. Will was worried. Lance and Jen even looked worried. Then his eyes fell on Marco and Miles could feel his breath catch. Marco. A brief flash showed him as a man in tunic and breeches, bracers, a stubbly beard, and longer, swishier hair. He was watching him with a concerned look on his face and stepped forward.

"I'll take him to the nurse." Before Will or Allie could protest, Marco helped Miles up and pulled him towards the nurse's office.

"Thanks." Miles barely stuttered out.

Marco gave him a small grin. "Always."

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