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Title: Concerning Mr. Morgan
Fandom: Merlin RPS
Rated: NC-17.
Notes: written for this prompt at [ profile] kinkme_merlin.
Summary: AU in which both decided not to pursue acting. Maybe Bradley is still pursuing football, maybe not, and who knows what Colin has decided to do. Yet they find each other anyway.

"...x to the nth plus y to the nth equals z to the nth." Colin finished scrawling the equation on the blackboard before him, dust flying everywhere. The afternoon sun poured through the window and he turned to face the class. "All right, now, for tonight, I want you to read the first act of Hamlet so we can discuss why the scene's set for the audience as it is." A few groans rang through the class and Colin chuckled to himself as the bell rang. "All right, on you all go. "

The dark haired man began to pack away his lessons of the day when he looked up to see a familiar head of curly brown hair. "Colin, you're gonna work yourself to the bone one of these days and just where would I be without a friend like that?" Angel strode into the room and hopped up on his desk, all ease and grace. "Sometimes I don't think you ought to be a teacher."

He rolled his eyes. "Not this again, Angel. Y'know, I did consider drama school--"

"You did! You looked up scheduling for everything and you went traveling instead! C'mon, Colin, why didn't you just go to Drama School? You'd be brilliant at it. Mrs Miller says you always try to get involved with the plays here, why not get involved in actual plays?" He sighed and leaned against the desk next to her, arms folded. Why hadn't he pursued acting? Be as glamourous as Angel, or even her girlfriend Katie, was. To live a fabulous life and go to exotic locations to film and bring laughter to everyone like that.

"I already told you." he replied quietly. "John and I needed the money. And teaching was...a temporary solution." Which worked. It got them their own flat. Colin's face grew stormy. He felt Angel wrap an arm around him. "Ha...sorry." he apologized. "It's been at least a year. I dunno why I'm still cryin' over him."

"Oh my Colin." Angel cooed, rubbing at his shoulder. "Come now, we're not going to dwell on the past. I've got news. Guess who's playing in town today?"

"Um...couldn't be Patrick Stewart or Sean Penn to save me from grading 300 essays, could it?"

Angel laughed and squeezed him hard wit ha gleam in her eye. "The Gunners."

He blinked at her. "The what?"

Her face fell. "The...the Gunners! ...Colin! The G--all right, Arsenal?" she asked. Another blank stare. "It's a football club." she sighed. "Katie and I were on set--"

Colin rolled his eyes. "Have you found a new person to play Merlin and Arthur? The two that are on the screen right now horrible! It won't last more than one series!"

"Quiet. Katie and I were on set with Santiago. And he offered Arsenal tickets. As it is, my better half is home sick with the flu so she's demanded me to take you out to the match." With that, she flourished two tickets from her handbag. "So whatever plans you've got tonight. Cancel them. You're coming to the football match with me."

It was pretty freezing. Colin sat, huddled alongside Angel, at the football match. She was chattering away in his ear about one of the players. The blonde forward that seemed to blaze back and forth on the pitch. "Bradley James. He seems to be leading the pack this year. They've beaten nearly every game so far. At least, that's what Katie says. Santiago says that he's one of his mates and that he's a really nice guy."

He gave her a look. "This your way of gettin' me to date again?" Angel gave him a sheepish smile. Colin huffed a bit and watched the game for what it was. True to form, Bradley kept tearing up and down the pitch, easily surpassing each and every opposing team member. More like some warrior on the charge than a footballer. Colin took the time to wonder how the blonde would've looked in chain mail and actual armour. From what he could see, it wouldn't have been different than regular clothes. Then did John. Colin pulled his jacket around himself tighter. That was the thing about knights in shining armour...when you look close enough, it's all rusted and painted.

"C'mon, we'll go meet him." Before Colin could utter another word, he was dragged from his finally lukewarm seat and down towards the locker rooms. Scores of fans were awaiting in varying shades of maroon and yellow. Angel flashed her pass and pointed at Colin, saying that he was a guest and that he's coming with her. That seemed to satisfy the burly man at the guard and Angel tugged him along. A few of the players called out to her in recognition.

"Something you're not telling me, Angel?" Colin grinned.

She rolled her eyes. "Yes. I keep the WAGs mostly in line and occupied when I'm not filming in France or Wales. It's actually really nice. The girls and kids have a place to stay whilst their boys are off somewhere."

"And there's the hussy now!" cried out a loud voice. Colin scoffed softly and rolled his eyes as Bradley James emerged from the showers with just a towel wrapped around his waist. He gave Angel a familiar one armed hug before clear, blue eyes fell on Colin. "And who's this?" He stuck out his hand in front of Colin. "I'm Bradley James."

Colin silently took his hand. "Colin Morgan."

He wasn't exactly sure how it happened. One minute, they were in the locker room and Colin was fastidiously trying not to ogle at the half naked footballer before him, then suddenly Bradley whisked the three of them to a nearby pub for a pint. Bradley James, as Colin found out, was every bit the typical footballer: boisterous, gregarious, practically a king among his teammates. But while 'the lads' got their own section to celebrate their winnings, Bradley stayed with Angel and Colin.

"You know, I've always wondered. How is it that it's that difficult to be a prat?" Bradley took another swig of his lager. "You know what it is? That bloke that plays Arthur is too soft. He's too quick to forgive Merlin of his quirks. Oh and don't even get me started on Merlin." Colin chuckled softly into his drink. "He's far too old to be Arthur's mate. Y'askin' me. They're both too married to the idea of the legends and how they were set in stone, as it were."

Angel simply rolled her eyes. "I get an earful from Colin about that all the time."

Colin suddenly found his drink much more interesting than his surroundings. He could still feel Bradley's eyes on him. "Does he, now?" The tone carried much more than the conversation called for. When he finally looked up, sure enough, Bradley was pinning him to his seat with that electric blue gaze. There was even a hint of teasing in those eyes. Colin quickly took another deep draw of his own drink. Bradley was dressed now. But what he wore left little to the imagination. Fitted jeans, a tight grey t-shirt.

"Uh, y'know, I should uh...get goin'. Got class tomorrow. Pop quiz on Hamlet." Colin made a move to get up but Bradley's large hand settled on his arm.

"Oh you're a teacher?" he asked. "Come on, you haven't finished your Guinness yet." A wicked grin spread across his face. Colin flushed under his gaze. Had to have been the drink that got him blushing so much. "I'll give you a ride home, even." He felt himself sitting down. Angel squeezed his arm and left. "Come on. My treat."

The door banged open and Colin moaned. His head was buzzing and he was wrapped around Bradley's strong frame when they managed to stumble into the room. One pint turned to two. Then two turned into a really hot snogging session. Which quickly became 'My hotel's nearby, Colin.' Bradley's endearing teeth bit down on the soft juncture between his neck and shoulder and Colin bit hard into his own lip to muffle a loud moan.

"Fuck, Col." Bradley was panting. The door slammed shut again and Bradley had him pressed against the door, still mouthing and biting at his neck. He shivered and ground against him, legs wrapping tighter around his waist. His hands somehow was able to whip the grey shirt from Bradley's body and he could feel Bradley's hands working at the buttons of his own shirt. His fingers twisted in those blonde locks and pulled him up to a deep kiss. Bradley moaned loudly against his lips. When he finally pulled away, they were swaying and on their way to what Colin assumed was the bedroom. "Gotta have you, Col."

"Yes." he panted against those damn pouting lips. "Yes, yes, God yes." They soon wiggled out of their trousers and were gloriously naked on the still cold bed. Colin's head was still buzzing when he felt Bradley's wicked mouth descending on his cock. "Bradley!" he gasped. It's been too long and Colin was far past the point of caring. "N-no! Fuck me!" he bit out. His hands were shaking as he grabbed at Bradley, trying to bring him up for another filthy kiss.

"Wait...wait...fuck." Bradley moaned. He reluctantly drew himself away from Colin and reached into his travel bag. Colin blinked at him, still in his alcohol induced haze. Coherent thought disappeared when he felt slicked fingers pressed into him. "Fuck, Col..." Bradley moaned. Colin's hands fisted in the duvet and arched up towards Bradley when he felt those fingers brush against his prostate. His hips bucked and his breathing got more and more harsh.

"Bradley!" he cried out when something much thicker than fingers press into him. Colin gasped and moaned, writhing under Bradley's frame. "Fuck, more! Now!" he cried out. Bradley groaned and pressed further and further into Colin's willing body. "Don' bother askin' if I'm all right because I am so move!" The footballer drew back and locked eyes with him. Colin felt his cock twitch even in its state. His eyes had dilated until there was a small thin ring of blue around the iris. He slowly drew out then began to fuck him at a frenzied pace. "Bradley!" he shouted again as he pulled himself off. Fuck, he hadn't been this hard in so long! Almost forgot how good all this felt.

"No," growled a voice so dangerously close to his ear. Colin bit into his lip hard when Bradley's sure hand wrapped around his aching cock. He was...he was... "Let me. And don't bite your lip, Morgan. I wanna hear you scream."

One. Two drags of Bradley's thumb across his slit had Colin scream for nearly all of the world to hear him. "Bradley!" His entire body seemed to shake and tremble as the footballer guided him through his orgasm.

"Fuck, Col! You're beautiful, you know that. Fuck. Fuck. FUCK!" came the groans and Bradley stilled above him. Colin was dimply aware of Bradley pulling out and a wet cloth wiping over him before he passed out.

The sun felt warm on his face and Colin groaned. No, he did not want to get up. Getting up meant that it was Saturday. Saturday meant that he had 300 papers to grade. He turned away from the sun. Maybe 5 more minutes of sleep would make the difference.

There was the sound of soft snoring and the sensation of strong arms pulling him into a snuggling embrace. Wait. What? Colin slowly opened his eyes to find himself facing a still asleep blonde. Who...He slowly looked around. All right, this wasn't his flat. This was definitely not his flat. Since his flat did not have a mini bar in the bedroom, nor did it look so small. Bradley pulled him in for a deeper snuggle. Colin swallowed. The blonde looked so sweet. Pouty lips slightly open to breathe deeply, sandy lashes and slack expression making him look 10 years younger.

He shook his head and carefully extricated himself from the snuggle. Didn't need that. Oh God, his head hurt. His arse was...He felt a blush creep up his neck. Well he was a bit sore. He needed to find Angel. Get coffee. Ooh, coffee might be a bit more important at this point. Um...definitely needed to get dressed and leave as soon as he could. Colin grabbed his jeans and shirt and began to tug them on when he heard rustling behind him on the bed.

"Is that how it is?" rasped a voice still thick with sleep. He swallowed thickly and looked at Bradley over his shoulder. Blonde locks were tousled from sleep and he looked more worn out than he did right after the game.

"Um...look, I appreciate what we did last night but em...I don't...see this goin' any further than what it is." Colin focused on tying his shoes.

"Wham, bam, thank you, Bradley sort of deal?" He winced at the tone of his voice. "Col, I don't think you're that type of person so get your skinny ass back into bed and I'll order up breakfast."

He ran a hand through his hair an sighed. "No...because you're still the football star and I still teach 7th grade. You're cute but." Colin gave him a wan smile. "But I know what your type's like. All bravado and shinin' armour until anyone looks closely." Bradley frowned and looked like he was about to protest when Colin held his hand up. "I dunno if Angel's told you but...I've just gotten out of a bad relationship so..."

"Ok. Yeah." Colin stood up, fully dressed and ready to go. "So that's how it is, yeah?"

Colin found himself nodding. "Yeah." He heard some scrambling and the bedsprings squeak before a folded bit of paper was pressed into his hand. "What's this?"

"I dunno what you're looking for but...I'd still like to get to know you." Bradley announced. "And you're right. I'm on the road so often but it doesn't mean I don't want to text you or email you. Or even send you actual letters. I've the feeling you'd appreciate the letters a bit more." He felt Bradley crawl up behind him. "I reckon this is bigger than either of us, Col. I wanna keep seeing you, talking to you. You're like one of the harder sudoku puzzles. You look innocent with your little squares and numbers in premise but...when it boils down to it, you're kind of hard to figure out."

Colin looked at the bit of paper before placing it neatly on the bed. "Good luck on your matches." Colin replied quietly as he made a beeline for the door. He didn't want to be hurt again. No more knights in shining armour. Be it footballers or otherwise. The hurt he felt from John was still fresh. Even if it had been years ago. As lovely as Bradley was...Colin swallowed, the connection he felt...

He pushed himself away from the door. There were 300 papers that had his name on it.

Angel, y'know, you can't just keep creepin' into my classes like this." Colin laughed as the students cleared out for the day. It'd been a year since he left Bradley behind. A year since he'd thrown himself in his work and took up tutoring jobs, even teaching overseas for a few months. He did as he always did: kept calm and kept busy.

That still didn't deter one furious Angel Coulby from turning up in his class. The smaller woman got up from her seat and walked over with a heavy sigh. "You know, I'm risking catching up on my sleep by taking the train out here and doing this."

"You called me just last night sayin' you were in Cardiff." Colin grinned. "C'mon, what is it? You secretly wish to teach the seventh grade and will give up your acting career for it?" he asked. "It's very fulfilling. I even get a cupcake on my birthday."

Before he could continue on the joys of teaching, Angle brandished a bit of paper in his face. "BFI screening for series 2. See, you said we wouldn't last past series 1, Mr Optimistic. So I grabbed this or you so we could prove you wrong and rub your face in it." Colin laughed and shook his head as he packed his bag for the day. "Come on, Col, it's gonna be brilliant. I'll be there. Thomas and Gary are gonna be there. Katie will be there. There's even a Q&A bit afterwards."

Colin looked suspiciously at the lone ticket. "This isn't another evil ploy to get me dating again, is it?" he asked outrightly.

"No! It didn't work with Bradley, it didn't work with Rupert, and I thought you liked Sir Leon!" True, Angel had pouted and pestered him about why he just didn't cotton onto Rupert if he was fawning over how good looking and sweet Sir Leon was. Fact of the matter was, Rupert was just not his type. "BFI screening. You're going and that's final."

"I'm going to need to suffer Thomas and Gary's shite acting to have a good time?" he asked, skeptically.

"You can bask in Katie and I on the screen?" Angel grinned. They looked at each other before bursting out into laughter. "All right, all right, come by, make your comments and yell at the producers for it afterwards, all right?" she asked, giving him a kiss on the cheek. "It'll be brilliant. But no drinking this time."

Colin read over the program and settled in his seat. He still couldn't believe he'd come out here just to watch some shite kiddies show on the screen. He frowned a bit and looked around. How could they afford the BFI if the show wasn't doesn't that well? Half the seats were barely filled. Still, that didn't stop a nearly latecomer from shuffling past people with half whispered apologies. "Sorry. Sorry. Excuse me. Excuse me. Sorry." Colin shifted uncomfortably in his seat. Year later and he could still recognise the voice.

Finally, Bradley James sat down next to him. Colin wanted to sink into his seat. Of course. Bradley the football player just had to sit next to him. "If this is some evil ploy by Angel--"

"Colin?" The theatre had gone dark.

It seemed as if Colin wasn't the only person that wanted to rip his eyes out. "What the hell were they thinking casting these two blokes to play Merlin and Arthur? Thomas is way too noble and already too kingly to be a prince!" hissed Bradley. "You can totally tell he's just trying to show up Antony Head. Who in their right mind would show up Antony Head?! I could do a better job with this!"

Colin leaned towards him. "I know, I've been telling Angel this ever since the beginning." Bradley automatically grabbed a few bits and pieces of his popcorn. "Oi, watch it. Didn't you get your own bucket?"

"Nah, turned up late, remember? Why don't you have butter on this? That's what movie popcorn's all about! It's just salt!" He nearly jumped when a few annoyed shushes came their way. "Sorry!" he whispered back. Colin smirked and chuckled a bit. "This is absolutely not proper popcorn. There's no butter. And look at Merlin! He's what...he's got to be like in his teens or something and already he sounds like he knows everythin' that there is to know about everything. It's just not right."

"Yeah, I mean, I thought that he's supposed to be like this kid straight out of Ealdor and just completely innocent of Camelot. I guess he couldn't be anymore by this series but come on...a year or two's hardly enough to become the great advisor." Colin chimed in. He shook his head. Even his students could do a better job. He was half sure some of them were even here. A few boys have asked him if he knew Angel's number and if he would pass on their love notes to her. Most of them were in the recycle bin at his flat.

"Complete indifference!"

Unknowingly, they kept leaning closer and closer to each other over the popcorn tub. "There has to be some sort of conflict! Merlin overcomes that too easily!"



Colin laughed under his breath and felt himself relax at Bradley's string of commentaries. And it's true...Bradley...felt...smelled...nice. "Gary's got to be just tripping over himself on pur---" He froze when he felt Bradley's fingers entangle with his in the half eaten popcorn bin, "purpose."

"Yeah, totally agree." Bradley continued offhandedly. "Would you ever fancy dinner with me? Just dinner. Or coffee."


"Just give me a chance, all right?" Colin looked up to see those blue eyes, honest and open, staring straight at him. He was about to respond when the house lights went up and a man walked out on stage, announcing:

"All right, Q&A sessions are going to be in Meetin Room B down the hall."

They slowly shuffled over towards the meeting room during the hour intermission. "Bradley--" Colin began, trying to swallow the lump in his throat. This probably should've been saved for somewhere private, like Bradley's hotel room or his own flat, or a booth in a restaurant or hidden in a pub. But he found himself reaching for the blonde's fingers and continuing lowly. "His name was John. We were...he's a singer. He was...just the perfect knight in shining armour, really. A real romantic. Was going to cut his own CD and make it big soon. We both got together and got a flat for ourselves." Bradley moved closer and closer until it felt like it was just the two of them walking down the long hall. "I took up bein' a teacher so he could do what he wanted to do. He did. Then he met Nora."

Bradley squeezed his hand and laced their fingers together.

"Worst part of all that is...he never apologised for it. Just..." Bradley gave another squeeze and pulled him close as they approached the meeting room. "Made me realise all sorts of knights in shining armour had rust." The blonde only nodded before they took their seats, Colin's hand still in his.

"All right, we'll open it up to some questions from the audience!" announced the emcee. Bradley raised his hand immediately. "Yes, what's your name and what's your question?"

"Bradley James," he announced as he stood and let go of Colin's hand. Angel barely suppressed her eye roll. "I'd like to ask why you're doin' such a shite job--"

"Bradley!" Colin hissed. "Children!"

"Oh, sorry. I'd like to ask why you're doing such an unfortunate job with your characterizations of Merlin and Arthur."

The actors responsible stared at Bradley like he had two heads. "It's King Arthur, mate. He's noble and just and fair. He's sort of known for it." Thomas scoffed. "He just can't be played any way else, it'd be blasphemous."

"Yeah," Bradley conceded, "but they're young! They're like...what, in their teens or twenties? No one's that wise or whatever in those years! And he's an actual prince this time, he'd be spoiled beyond belief if he grew up as a prince! And don't get me started on Merlin since he's always actin' like he's 100 but he's not."

"And just how would you do it, then?" asked Antony Head. Colin watched as Bradley nervously gulped. The older actor didn't sound like he wanted to put Bradley on the spot but was genuinely curious as to how he would redo the scene. "Go on, son."

Bradley nodded. "All right. Colin, stand up. You're gonna be my Merlin."

Colin sputtered. "What?" he hissed. "No, you're not draggin' me into this!" But Bradley's strong hand wrapped around his bicep and pulled him to his feet.

"Like in series one. Their first meeting!" Bradley announced. "I mean, the way you've got it set up, Arthur's just immediately taken with Merlin's advice. And he's just turned up in Camelot!"

"Hey," Colin began softly. "C'mon, that's enough."


"You've had your fun, my friend."

"Do I know you?"

"I'm Merlin."

"So I don't know you." Smug grin.

Colin smiled as Bradley's whole body came alive. Suddenly, it didn't feel like they were just two blokes in the middle of BFI. They could've easily been in the middle of that courtyard, bickering over whether or not Merlin could take Arthur apart with less than one blow. Arthur..the prat. Every bit the spoilt prince he should've been. And Merlin, bright eyed and green from Ealdor.

"Come on, then! Come on!" Bradley had his arms open and was just taunting him. "Come on..." Colin gave his best fake swing. Bradley caught him and pulled him close. "I ought to throw you in jail for that."

"Who do you think you are? The King?" Colin spat.

"No," Bradley drawled, all privilege and prat-like. "I'm his son. Arthur."

A slow clap started up on stage. Several slow claps. Then several more. And suddenly, the entire meeting room filled with applause as people in their seats stood up and cheered them on. He and Bradley exchanged nervous smiles as they let each other go. Gary and Thomas seemed to sulk in their chairs. The producer, or at least Colin thought was the producer leaned to speak into the microphone:

"I think you chaps better stick around afterwards." Already, he and the other producer seemed to be deep in discussion between themselves. The emcee asked the entire room to settle down already for some actual questions for the cast.

Colin smiled to himself. It felt...liberating, wonderful, brilliant to just deliver those lines, to step into those shoes. Bradley nudged his arm again before leaning to whisper in his ear. "I know how you feel about knights in shining armour. But what about princes who happen to be prats?" he whispered.

He looked up on stage to find Angel watching them, hoping for any sign of him moving on. Perhaps it was time to move on. Perhaps it was time to...he looked at Bradley. A new opportunity. Possibly new career. A new life? He smiled and laced his fingers with Bradley's. "Maybe I could give prince charming a chance. After all...who'd say no to a gunner?"

"Only you, Colin." Bradley grinned. And Colin, God help him, smiled back. Bradley squeezed his fingers as the session passed by. Then the producers, Johnny and Julian, approached them.

"Have you chaps considered acting?"

He reached for Colin's hand and held on tight. He had to smile to himself. Life imitating art perhaps? But then again, Bradley's always been the type to want to shield Colin from the horrors of the world. He kept their fingers interlaced even as they made their way into the BFI screening a year later. The seats were packed, nearly brimming with people. Thanks to fan leaks, the turn out seemed to quadruple the crowd last year. The internet, from what Bradley reported, seemed to be buzzing with their premiere as the new Arthur and Merlin.

The entire process of filming and learning the ropes to show business had been...intense. But Bradley had been there, loyal and loving, right next to him the entire process. Even laughing at all the right points when he had to do the magic bits.

Colin no longer taught, much to the disappointment of his students. Bradley no longer played football, much to the disappointment of his fans and teammates. He still played for charity so luckily, even the player that throttled him and asked 'Where's Merlin now?', he was still in top shape. He sold the flat. Too many bad days and bad memories. And invested in a new one with Bradley. Colin couldn't help but feel antsy when they first struck the deal.

But Bradley kept his arms around him the entire process and was his strong rock through it all. Colin tightened his hold around Bradley's fingers and saw Bradley's smile widen a little bit more out of the corner of his eye.

"Mr. Morgan! Mr. Morgan!" Reporters called him out of his reverie. Colin smiled and began to answer their questions of where the series would go now. He foudn that, as long as he had Bradley to play Prince didn't really matter. The two of them, or so Katie reports from the internet, had a much stronger banter and chemistry that is really driving the interest of the show.

He had Bradley. And as the photogs flashed their cameras, he leaned over and gave his lover a kiss on the cheek.

Angel just shook her head in the background and turned back to the reporter, "Yes, I've always known Colin Bradley would be a brilliant fit for the roles but...they just never wants to admit that I'm right." She turned to the camera with a smug smile. "All the time."

Date: 2010-10-10 03:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
loved this story...I already commented on kkm ...but it bears saying again...great fic and thanks for posting! :)

Date: 2010-10-12 04:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks for reading! :)

Date: 2010-10-10 03:40 pm (UTC)
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Oh, I saw this on KMM, but somehow I must have missed the end. :D I love it!

Date: 2010-10-12 05:00 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Glad you liked it :D

Date: 2010-10-10 04:52 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Lovely piece. My two beloved fandoms - Merlin and football met in your fic. Thank you <3

Date: 2010-10-12 05:00 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
There's another football piece I've written around here somewhere but yeah, Bradley's fun to write as a football player :D

Date: 2010-10-12 05:04 pm (UTC)
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He's supporting Arsenal, right? and would you give me a link to the other fic? please? :)

Date: 2010-10-12 07:07 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh yeah, Bradley's a Gunner in nearly every one of my pieces.

Knowing ( (This one's Arthur/Merlin) I think that's the only other football piece I've written...? I think.

Date: 2010-10-12 09:43 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
thank youuuuu <3

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Three words: Cute, hot, wonderful. Loved it! <3

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Glad you loved it <3

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really cute! ^_^ Really made me grin! :D

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I'm glad it did!

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Date: 2010-10-12 05:01 pm (UTC)
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Glad you enjoyed it!

Date: 2010-10-13 02:02 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
aww that's just lovely!! but Bradley to giving up football?? D: I really like football-player!Bradley/Arthur fics ;__; but yay for they to become the new Arthur and Merlin!!! ♥


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