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Jul. 23rd, 2010 11:32 am
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Title: My Story
Rated: PG-13
Fandom: BBC's Merlin
Summary: The sequel to Belong. Bradley tells the story of everything.
Warning: Bloodplay.

Bradley was able to breathe easier when he slipped his ring around Colin's thumb. Instantly, he felt more tired than he ever had in a long time. Plopping down into the visitor's chair he had pulled up, he laid his head down and grasped Colin's hand in his. Still weak. Still pale. But the pulse was steadily becoming stronger. Bradley brushed his lips against the knuckles and fell asleep to the beeping of the heart monitor nearby.

He felt the soft feel of a hand combing through his hair. Bradley groaned and opened his eyes to see curious blue staring back at him. The silence passed between them. Colin's eyes flickered down to his own thumb where Bradley's ring rested on. He didn't stop carding his fingers through Bradley's hair. "You never sleep." he whispered quietly. Bradley nodded and remained silent. "I'm sorry." Colin offered. " was like bein' in a dream." Bradley kept his head down. "I didn't want him to feed from me. Never wanted him to." More silence. Bradley didn't want to break the spell over them. Colin never stopped running his fingers through his hair.

And that was that.

Bradley stayed silent at Colin's side while the doctors and nurses fussed over him. The same nurse that had let him in and let him stay overnight kept making eyes at both of them. Trying to stop herself from squealing aloud when she saw them not-so-discreetly holding hands or Bradley perhaps-too-gently help Colin into a wheelchair or wheeling Colin as far away from the hospital as possible. He helped Colin up to his room and, despite Colin's protests, laid him gently on the bed before sitting nearby again.

Finally, the Irishman rolled his eyes and waved Bradley over. He stretched out on the bed, leg dangling over the side and his head pillowed by Colin's stomach. Long fingers ran through his hair again. "I really am from Exeter, y'know."

"Have you told anyone your story?" Colin asked quietly.

The blonde shook his head. "No."

"Then tell it."

In 1989, many things were happening in the world. None of it mattered to the Jameses of Exeter. All right, maybe some of it mattered. But Bradley couldn't recall much of what it was. All he knew was that he was six years old and sick with fever. He remembered his mum sitting nearby, trying to hold it together and bringing dinosaur toys into his bed. He recalled his dad pacing nervously and not wanting to look at him. His sister came in and tried to play dinosaurs with him. All the doctors said he was going to die soon anyway. Then his mother came in with a strange man one day.

She said that the strange man was going to make him better. That he would make Bradley sleepy first then make him better. The boy went to sleep and woke up feeling very, very cold. As his teeth chattered, he looked over to his mum and dad, who seemed to be crying. Then it started to hurt. Like someone had taken hold of his guts and twisted hard. He cried out but mum wasn't answering. She just stood there and cried. Bradley reached for daddy who simply turned his head away. This wasn't better. Even a boy of six would know that. He cried out again and tried to reach for her. His throat felt funny. He tried to grasp for air but it felt like someone was sitting on him. "H-help!" he rasped. "Please!"

When he woke up again, everything felt...different. Bradley groaned and felt hungry. Really hungry. Like he'd finish playing outside and come back right before dinner hungry. The man was sitting with his mum and dad. Little did he know that the man would remain a constant.

He'd become Uncle Victor. Uncle Victor taught him that he had to take a very special medicine made of human blood. He was a stout man with a wide face and a broken nose. He taught Bradley that he would age just like everyone else until 25. Then, he'd need to learn how to glamour. Pretend to look older. He taught all the rules that pertained to feeding. Never feed too much or you could kill them. Never skip feeding or you'll soon starve and die. He taught Bradley how to change forms when he became old enough; a fog, a wolf. How to turn someone should they wished. How to heal wounds.

Superpowers were sort of part of the deal.
Bradley paused to snort at this bit of his sordid tale. He could change forms, his strength was a bit more than everyone else, his senses were much more keen in the dark. But none of it could save him from nearly draining one of his mates.

It was at DCL. He'd been studying hard to become an actor, thus forgetting to feed. After the second moon's passing--


"Second moon's passin'? Nobody really speaks like that, you know." Colin interrupted.

"Yes they do. The moon's much more reliable than the sun. Haven't you noticed?" He turned his head to look at the dark haired man, who simply shrugged. "As I was saying..."

He felt hungry. So very hungry. It was late and he was studying in the library with one of his mates on the nuances of something or other at some century. The part of the massive building that didn't have a security camera. The dark haired man beside him was nearly asleep on his book. Going out to the pubs and clubs had left a sour taste in his mouth, literally, as alcohol did quite a bit to thin out the rich, heady taste. Warm brown eyes looked up at him. "You look a bit wan, my friend." he murmured. "Perhaps some coffee?"

Bradley shook his head. "I need--"

The man didn't say another word as he rolled up his sleeve. He was Bradley's regular at DCL. He kept quiet as teeth sunk into flesh and blood flowed freely to rejuvenate him. After a short while, there was a weak jerking. He opened his eyes to find his friend so pale, so very pale and immediately stopped, closing the wounds. His regular stayed in bed with a strange 'illness' for a week and a half before returning to the stage to join everyone else. Bradley thought he'd see him again.

Until he turned up to play Lancelot.


Colin blinked at him. "Santiago?" The blonde nodded. "Seems like he's forgiven you for that. You really need to stop with the self starvation." Colin's hand never stopped carding through Bradley's hair. "What's the deal with the ring? The doctors said it was the fastest recovery they've ever seen."

It was a long while before Bradley spoke again. "Y'know how there's stories of vampires that need to sleep in coffins with a bit of dirt from their home?" He turned to watch the other man nod. "This was forged with a bit of earth from home. It makes me stronger, or at least keeps me in check of where I am and what's going on. Sort of a...comfort blanket. Except it gives me a bit of an extra kick of energy when I need it. It heals."

The dark haired man just continued to card his fingers through Bradley's locks, watching him as if he was working out a different puzzle altogether. For once, they were quiet.
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